WELL-BEING CLOSER TO YOU. Balance Between Body, Mind and Soul

MALO CLINIC Spa brings an innovative concept of Medical Spa... Improved by a scientific approach, provides Health and Wellness treatments which combine concentional and cutting edge techniques with innovative solutions, using the most recent and advanced cosmetic technology.

Carefully designed to treat Body, Mind and Soul, this project combines together in one place Medical, Esthetics, Acqua e Fitness areas.

An atmosphere of tranquility and elegance discloses multisensory spaces that combined with a strong image element and specific materials used bring nature into the interior of the Spa and carry you to idylic places in a sensory journey, which will awaken all your senses.

A unique experience, where the senses are source of inspiration...

Achive full harmony through special programs, body and face rituals or final touches.

To complete your visit, in the various areas of MALO CLINIC Spa you will find fruit, tisanes and water.

Balance Between Body,Mind and Soul